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SevenBits levels up the remarketing efforts of dealers by optimizing complex processes and allowing them to track progress in a centralized and decentralized manner. Access all touchpoints of your workflow and communicate with your remote team in the most efficient way. Our remarketing solutions boost transparency and help your team with an interactive work interface. 


Auction Portal

An interactive auction platform that allows businesses and customers to participate in auctions not only improves your sales but also enhances brand visibility. Our team develops a secure and faster platform where you can produce your inventory listings and let the buyers explore information in a detailed manner. Organize time-saving events to grow your business with our auction platform.


  • Hassle-free operations for your teams and customers
  • Enhanced customer experience and better up-selling
  • Data-based insights to take business decisions

Vehicle Procurement

Make your acquisition and procurement process easier for in-house and remote teams by a unified platform for management. Let your entire sales and acquisition team operate with real-time coordination and make business decisions faster.


  • Accurate identification and data verification of vehicles in an automated way
  • Share vehicle's history and other important in real-time with remote teams
  • Generate faster technical reports of vehicles for your customers

Price prediction models

Automotive is a highly fluctuating market and the need for an accurate price-prediction model for dealers is pivotal. With our smart price prediction model, sell and procure inventory at the right time to maximize the profits.


  • Optimize your selling and buying schedules based on data
  • Get accurate sales prices by mapping all aspects in an automated way
  • Let your sales team operate at their best efficiency with the availability of comprehensive insights

Vehicle Assessment

Eliminate human inspection data errors by upgrading to an advanced vehicle inspection data management system and save both time and expenditure. Upload, modify, and access all important data in a distributed way.


  • Faster automated process for inspection
  • All-time vehicle inspection data availability 
  • Efficient training for new team members

Inventory Refurbishment Management

Keep track of all the refurbishment jobs and schedules for your fleet and let your team perform the needful task on time. Get real-time vehicle updates from your dashboard and optimize this time-consuming process.


  • Better vehicle service management
  • Optimization of complex data processing tasks

Vehicle Listings & Price Appraisals Management

With time, vehicle listing and their price changes and to make sure, correct changes are being rolled over for every inventory, an advanced vehicles listing platform helps the dealers and sellers. With this platform, you can achieve:


  • Sell vehicle inventory at the best market rates
  • Gain maximum profits and higher customer satisfaction
  • Better customer engagement

Sales & invoice module

Manage and keep track of all your sales and invoicing documents leveraging blockchain-based smart contracts. With this decentralized module, create, modify, send, and receive the business invoices in the safest way.


  • Faster invoice processing
  • No human-error while generating documents
  • Complete paper-less experience

Vehicle Transport & logistic Module

Connect and communicate with all your dealers and transport agencies from one place and keep track of your shipments and vehicles in real-time. Be it real-time location information, maintenance records, or logistics tracking, we have made it easier.


  • Improved vehicles tracking with real-time information
  • Effortless third-party logistics integrations
  • Reduced operating costs

Our Capabilities

Enterprise mobility solutions connecting people, processes and technology.

Get maximum value from mobility initiatives with our enterprise mobile planning & consulting. Our team draws on deep industry experience to help businesses reach out to their customers effectively. Centered around the concept of mobility, we help large enterprise leverage technologies such as cloud, big data, as well as use context and location based data to influence the way companies function.

  • Jointly analyze, design, implement, test and integrate systems
  • Help in creating functional/non-functional prototype for your product features
  • Analyze and evaluate the viability and device compatibility of the product in detail
  • Functional and technical requirements analysis

Our team partners with enterprise in full lifecycle application projects taking on complete responsibility for analysis, design, implementation, testing and integration of systems. With experience across all major industries, we offer mobile app design and development solutions to overcome the most challenging IT problems.

  • Streamline application design and development.
  • Develop use cases to get user behavior insights for actionable results.
  • Training and support for smooth running of your mobile programs.

Our team of experts establish secured policies, monitor, manage and test potential threats. We develop a mobile architecture comprising of hardware, software platforms, as well as communication protocols. We define the role of mobility for the company, as well as determine the optimal applications for mobility.

  • Build advance digital capabilities by connecting to legacy backend systems inside enterprise organization
  • Integrate security in the application development lifecycle for existing applications
  • Adopt new development approaches to continuously deliver secure solutions

MIM/ MCM solutions for new age enterprises to safely deposit secure and sensitive data for maximum safety. Mobile Information Management (MIM) used to secure and manage the sensitive, often business-critical data used in the enterprise on mobile devices.

  • Pre-defined data management rules
  • Third party integrations
  • Easy content location search features
  • Secure image/video/audio capturing

Our team can help you implement an effective EMM, BYOD policy, MDM policies to safeguard critical business information. Our MDM solutions help enterprises manage and monitor any corporate or employee owned mobile device or desktop that accesses business critical data.

  • Function with multiple service providers
  • Customize to comply with company policy and/or requirements.
  • Integrate with the already existing IT, administrative, and application systems
  • Efficiently manage your organization's iOS, Android & Windows devices.

Enterprise Mobility Solution

Enterprise mobility Management Solutions to Drive Excellence


Manage releases from planning, testing to production-driving collaboration.


Ensure that mobile users across enterprises have anytime, anywhere access.


Enhanced customer experience solution for mobile user authentication.

Control Management

Comprehensive services from integration, migration, testing and maintenance.

Geo Location based

Geo Location Authentication to prove an individual's identity and authenticity.


Connect with mobile users via push notifications and in-app messaging.


Protect sensitive information with consulting, implementation & managed services.

Statistics &

Accurately and effectively analyze data and gain actionable business insights.


Simplifying all aspects of policy management across your business.

Data Wipe

Security solutions for enterprise to remote wipe compromised devices.


Transform data into interactive business intelligence dashboards.

SIEM Solutions

Enhance threat detection with a managed SIEM service

With the threat landscape evolving at an unprecedented rate, real-time threat monitoring to provide visibility of security events inside your organisation’s network is now an important layer of defence.

  • What is SIEM?: Security Information and Event Management is a set of integrated log management and monitoring tools that help organisations detect targeted attacks and data breaches. SIEM systems aggregate and analyse log event information from devices, infrastructure, systems and applications to detect suspicious activity inside networks. When anomalous behaviour is identified, an alert is generated for investigation.
  • Enhances threat detection and incident response: Sevenbits’s SOC analysts and engineers are experienced at using a range of SIEM technologies and possess the skills and knowledge needed to best leverage them to detect and respond to current and emerging threats.
  • Maximises SIEM investment: Our professionals deploy the SIEM system that will best meet your organisation’s needs or take over management of an existing investment. We’ll integrate the log sources and intelligence required to achieve threat visibility and conduct regular checks to ensure it remains in optimal health.
  • Supports compliance needs:  Proactive security monitoring is a requirement of the GDPR, PCI DSS and other regulatory and industry standards. Compliance reporting helps you to measure improvements to your organisation’s security posture and communicate the value of the service to stakeholders.

The latest SIEM technology

An agnostic approach to technology means that we support a broad range of SIEM technologies, including ‘Next-Gen’ and SaaS SIEM solutions, and we’ll work with you to deploy a system that’s best tailored to your organisation’s threat detection needs.

Experienced security experts

Our UK-based security operations centre (SOC) team of analysts, engineers and incident responders are responsible for the deployment, configuration and ongoing monitoring of your SIEM solution. We’ll even host it for you in our datacentre.

CyberOps platform

CyberOps is the threat management platform our SOC experts use to notify your in-house security team of incidents and supply the actionable mitigation guidance they need to respond quickly and effectively.

Agile Enterprise Adaptability

  • Comprehensive Migration Analysis
  • Full-Stack Development Support
  • Risk Analysis And Management
  • Real-time cloud Migration
  • Scalable Mobility Infrastructure

Make your business mobility ready with faster agile-methodology. We design scalable mobile architecture to integrate complex functionalities into convenient mobile solutions. Bring more power to your team let them do more with centralized mobile connectivity. Scale your business with modern technologies and grow in a hassle-free way. We help you migrate complete business processes to make you mobile-ready.

Culture of Change & Methods

Enterprise projects are about business-critical processes and applications that affect a large part of the company and employees. In addition to outstanding technical expertise, methodological competence and experience with change toward digitalization of organizations are especially important prerequisites for development in complex systems.

On Point Performance

Performance is a critical pivot for succeeding in the digital age. With our enterprise mobility solutions, bring more performance to existing business processes. We leverage advanced database management and in-depth system architecture designing to operate complex operations on a higher scale. 
Boost performance to achieve more with end-to-end application development. Our team assists you with optimizing every aspect of the internal and third-party processes.

  • Flexible development approach
  • Cloud data migration
  • CDN Integration
  • Iterative performance testing
  • Architecture re-engineering

Future Ready Approach

  • Cloud-based upgradation
  • On-demand scalability
  • Complex feature integration
  • Enhanced interconnectivity
  • Data and system security

We keep a future-ready and future-proof approach while crafting custom enterprise solutions for the company. In this fast-paced digitized world, we have got you covered with quick upgradations. Don't settle for less when you can expand your business functionalities with modern technologies. Be it user load management to automated cloud orchestration, we are ready with a futuristic approach for today's challenge.


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